As a child, my father explained that our family put the fun in dysfunctional.

Dec 15

Rape culture

Ok so today I was driving home from Santa Cruz on the 5 and this dude drove up next to me and started waving his arms trying to get my attention, so I rolled down my window because my car is shitty and I thought maybe he could tell it was about to explode or something?
Dude rolled down his window and yelled DO YOU WANT TO FUCK
so I rolled up my window and sped up and away from him

Three things with this

First you interrupted and ruined the Taylor swift Christmas song I happened upon on the radio and was super jazzed about singing to

Second it’s ironic because before tswift I was listening to BEYONCE and thinking about how excited I was to have sex in the near future, especially to like blow/partition/the whole album

Third shit like this always reminds me that the crazy stuff I do, like always picking the female cashier/crossing the street when I see dude(s) walking towards me/not walking daisy at night/generally being untrusting of men I don’t know isn’t me being paranoid, it’s shit I have to do because gross dudes are everywhere. Even on the freeway when you are alone in your car and going 80+

May 23

A Seattle Times review of a recent Madonna tour stop praises the artist for “rocking us as a feminist icon” and applauds the singer for her brazen sexuality: “stripping down to a bra, then pulling her pants down below a thong and baring her cheeks to the Key [Arena].” Even the Guardian’s Freeman, in an ode to Like a Prayer, the writer’s favorite album, speaks longingly about Madonna’s midriff-baring ’80s fashion and the video to the title track, which “featured a woman named Madonna apparently giving a blow job to a black Jesus.”

Through a career that has included crotch-grabbing, nudity, BDSM, Marilyn Monroe fetishizing, and a 1992 book devoted to sex, Madonna has been viewed as a feminist provocateur, pushing the boundaries of acceptable femininity. But Beyoncé’s use of her body is criticized as thoughtless and without value beyond male titillation, providing a modern example of the age-old racist juxtaposition of animalistic black sexuality vs. controlled, intentional, and civilized white sexuality.

All Hail the Queen? | Bitch Media (via npr)

(via npr)

May 10


Apr 29

i dont think i have ever related to anything more than with louise in this

Apr 18

Apr 17

Correctly identified the kardashians as Armenian today while watching the daily show.
So I don’t think I need to go to my class later.

Apr 7

Apr 2

Mar 30

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